Dominic Sorel

Knight, mystic, & gentleman. Dominic Sorel, at your service.


Dominic Sorel
Lawful-Neutral, Human Male, Duskblade (1)
Medium Humanoid
| Initiative 0
| Senses Listen +0, Spot +0
| Languages Common, Elven, Draconic, & Ignan
| AC 15, Touch 10, Flat-footed 15
| Hp 9
| Saves Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3
| Speed 20 ft. (4 squares) or 30 ft. (6 squares) while unarmored
| Melee Bastard Sword (1h) & Buckler +4 (1d10
3 | 19–20/x2)(10 vs. disarm if locked)
Bastard Sword (2h) & Buckler +3 (1d10
4 | 19–20/x2)(10 vs. disarm if locked)
Dagger +4 (1d4
3 | 19–20/x2)(+10 vs. disarm if locked)
| Range Launch Bolt (Spell: As Light Crossbow) +1 (1d8 | 19–20/x2 | 80ft.)
Dagger +1 (1d4 | 19–20/x2 | 10ft.)
| Base Attack +1; Grapple +4
| Attack Options Daunting Presence (Ex), Blades of Fire (Sp), Kelgore’s Fire Bolt (Sp), Touch of Fatigue (Sp)
| Abilities Str 17, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 13
| Special Qualities Armored-Mage, Arcane Attunement, Focused, Chivalrous Courtesy, Honorable Challenge, Weapon Proficiency Groups (Basic Weapons,
Crossbows, Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Exotic Weapons)
| Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st) Dancing lights, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, read magic | 6 uses/day
| Feat Selection Battle Caster (1st lvl), Insightful Reflexes (Human), Daunting Presence (Flaw), Blistering Spell (Flaw)]
| Spell Casting (CL 1st | Bonus Spells: One 1st-lvl/day, one 2nd-lvl/day, & one 3rd-lvl/day)
1st lvl: Kelgore’s Fire Bolt, Blades of Fire | 3 uses/day
0th lvl: Caltrops, Launch Bolt, Touch of Fatigue, Know Direction, Mage Hand | 3 uses/day
| Skill Allocation Climb (2), Concentration (4), Handle Animal (cc)(1), Jump (2), Knowledge (Arcana)(4), Knowledge (History)(1), Knowledge (Warfare*)(1),
Ride (2), Sense Motive (4) Spellcraft (2)
*Knowledge (Warfare): Applies to siege engines, sapping, siege tactics and strategy. (Sword & Fist, p.10)
|Carrying Capacity | Light Load = 86 lb. | Medium Load = 87-173 lb. | Heavy Load = 174-260 lb. |
| Lift-Over-Head = 260lb. | Lift-Off-Ground = 520 lb. | Push/Drag = 1300 lb. |
|Possessions Dagger, (x4), Bastard Sword, Buckler, Locked Gauntlet, Brigandine, Explorer’s Outfit, Flint & Steel, Waterskin, Bolts (x10), Spell Component
Pouch, Belt Pouch (x2) [Total-Weight-Carried=76-lbs.]
Mule Saddlebags, One-Person Tent, Rations (x10), Bolts (x40), Hemp Rope (50 ft.), Grappling Hook, Mess Kit, Winter Blanket, Bedroll, Sacks
(x4), Torches (x10), Mule Feed (x5) [Total-Weight-Carried=137-lbs.]
Wealth 14gp 1sp 5cp


Eighty years ago, membership in The Order was a great honor, but these days… that’s another story. Dominic only knows of them what his mother
taught him of of their family history while training him in the arcane. After it became clear there was no way to survive in the open, the Order had disbanded,
hidden away most their lore and treasure, and now only trained their descendants or closely trusted friends, and always in total secrecy.
His father, a military man by career and nature, did not approve of his studious nature, and lack of “manly” interests… so Dominic was sent to a
military academy to become a great knight like so many on his father’s side had been. After four years of grueling training and military education, Dominic had
become a new man. Gone were his childish fantasies of heroic adventure, and romance, and gone was his obsession with long nights spent reading musty tomes,
and long days spent exploring the labyrinthine corridors of Temple. Replaced by a sense of duty, a strong work-ethic, and an unshakable code of honor. Not to
mention strength to match his wit, and great skill with a blade.
Dominic has done for himself in the years since his graduation, however he has begun to feel constrained… even held back by the position to which
he was assigned. He was given orders to serve under an elderly general named Robert Eda Holt. General Holt is responsible for overseeing the construction of a
massive prison complex being built to contain Temple’s most dangerous and psychotic spell casters; the ones that for one reason or another the leadership is
unwilling or apparently unable to execute.
He is tired of handling paperwork day in and day out, with little opportunity to do anything meaningful. Not to mention being forced to practice the
arcane in dark, and secret places for fear of being caught. Moreover, he has begun to chaff at the thought of his part in the continued discrimination against spell
casters, good or evil.

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Dominic Sorel

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