Plane Shift

Act 1-1: The Setup


You slowly begin to stir.
Your eyes open to a vast blue sky.
To the outer edges of the sky, it fades to violet; An unnatural color for your world. You do not understand why. The Day Star is overhead, blinding. You wonder for a moment why you’ve slept so long, then you come to realize that you are not where you remember falling asleep; Not in your home. Not in your bed.

You look around you. The sky holds another semblance of what strange things are going on; It seems that there is a dark after-image behind the Day Star. For those who lived underground, you can feel a warmth in the air that is not common for the time of year you are in. For those of you who live in the forests, the area is too sparse. Much warmer than the areas from the mountains. And for those of you who live in the large cities, the air is much crisper, clearer. Less polluted. And for those who live in areas that are forgotten, the green color all around you is something you have only seen in your dreams and studies.

You sit atop a cliff, and you look around you, seeing a vast expanse of green to any side. You can see a village in what you can only assume is east, due to the positioning of the Day Star. Northwest, you see mountains, and while you see no village you do see a pathway that leads into the mountains; Well traveled for it is visible at this distance. Brown rocks and dirt cover the sheer face of the cliff that you can see down, and to the opposite side of you, an expanse of green still lays before you, but trees are a long distance out.

Suddenly you take notice of your more immediate surroundings. There are more people here They slowly sit up and seem to go through the same processes as you; Taking in their surroundings. Looks of bewilderment covering each of their faces. You do not know them, and they all seem to be wearing garbs from lands you have only heard described in stories from your childhood.

Slowly, but decisively, you all come together. There are too many things amiss about this situation for any of you to be willing to not band together. You can see that whatever has brought you here, you are all watching what can only be calamity. The violet haze at the edges of the Sky are slowly creeping in. Almost un-noticeably. It will take many days for it to darken the entire sky. You all look around as your group forms a circle, as if you know it’s what must be done.

You head a bone-shattering sound, as if an explosion has gone off at the center of the group, and white light floods the world for a moment.

When your eyes re-adjust there are 6 items before you.

You take your new tools in hand; You realize immediately that they seem to have been made for you. The items you hold are the perfect sizes, the grip more suited to you than any you have felt before.

From the center of your group, once again, a light seems to burst forth, however this time it is slow, from it a being seems to float up, from the ground into the air above you. Seemingly female in appearance [Ref. Celestial Plane, Divine Caster.jpg], the creature looks at each of you in turn before sounds that you can only assume are her language float through the air. In your minds, however (despite the fact that you cannot understand the sounds she is making) her message is clear. A soothing, calm voice, layered with three or four tones, tells you the following;

“I am Uria, of the Celestial realm. I am known as a Plane-Walker. I have traversed the universe through aeons and personally seen your world develop and your species grow. Over the many millennia that I have observed you, my kind has had many names, however throughout time, those names have always meant ‘God.’ I am no God. I am no creator. My people have existed far longer than yours, yes, and we arrived on this world millions of years before you came to be, but we are no less mortal than you; We did naught but watch you come to be, develop, and on rare occasion guide your hand in growing.

“I have summoned you here. I have taken you from your lives; Your families. I give you my sincerest apologies for that. However you have been chosen to fight for our cause, for it is a cause that My people believe only you can be trusted with. We have read your destinies and we know that to be true. Your world has been ravaged by countless wars, the most recent of which have left scars on the hearts of each of you. You understand pain; You each have cause to despise someone in the group you are looking at, due to your heritages; but like you, each of them has suffered at the hands of another group, and now you must look past those trespasses to work together.”

Here, the being extends her arms in either direction, looking towards the violet, now deepening, in the far distance.

“The sky grows black, and it has been foretold that one day this would happen. That the sky would darken, and the sun be trailed by a dark image of itself. That once the sky has itself been blotted out, a gap would open and beings of great evil would pour through it into your realm, devouring you. In your holy books this day is known as Ragnarok, or as the Apocalypse. In ours, it is simply known as War. Beings who have become skilled in My Race’s magic, who come from the darkest recesses of the Planes [The Abyss, The Elemental Planes, The Celestial plane, etc] in our universe are now attempting to enter your world; To devour it, and to make it their own. Similar to how your own Race has entered the homes of other races for your entire existence, burned them down and made them your own, claiming what was left for yourselves.

“You, who I have gathered here today, will be the ones to stop this from happening. I have given to you weapons from My world. They will grow with you, gain powers that are adapted to you, and when the times comes, they may be instrumental to your success in defeating the Dread-Walkers. I can not tell you more, as I know little more than this, but I will attempt to guide you where I can. May you be bold against the challenges that await.”

With this, the final words, she falls back to the ground and seems to slip through it, as if there were a hole. The light fades and all that is left is you, looking at each other. You know nothing of each other, and so you start your quest, first with learning of those amongst your new party.

As the very tense introductions come to a close you begin to discuss amongst yourselves what the best course of actions is. You have been brought here with a surplus of equipment and what currency you had available to you; At least a good deal of what you have had saved up recently. You can only assume that it is money that you have recently acquired and that the celestial being did not give it to you. You know that there are two areas that you could travel to in the immediate vicinity that you could make before nightfall. One is a city that seems only a few hours’ walk, the other is a mountain slope that looks treacherous, each in nearly opposite directions.

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