Plane Shift

Act 1-2a: Traveling to Corbin

The hours seem to pass somewhat uncomfortably. You have been introduced to each other, but only having known each other for such short time and now being suddenly burdened with the knowledge of an impending apocalypse, words seem lost on you. You do not know what will happen next. You don’t know how well you an trust each other, or the being, Uria who told you all of this. The sky, darkening by the moment, though you could trust. You could trust it to consume. You could feel electricity in the air, power, a dark prescience. An energy. It terrifies you. So, for better or worse, you are together.
The planes ahead of you are open wide, no path leads from where you are to the city.

Your first challenge is to get down he sheer face of the cliff, which could be dangerous, but would take much less time. It is not a completely sheer face, the slope is very steep however. It would be dangerous to fall. Alternately you could take the longer path, traveling down the slope northward until the point were you see the cliff face start to slope at a lower and lower angle.

-Sheer face: Climb DC 15 per 10 ft, 80 feet down. Tumble DC 15 for 1/2 damage and to stop fall. 1d4 damage for 20 ft fall (hitting the wall). DC 10 climb with proper rope attachment. Use Rope DC 12 to secure rope well enough. Takes roughly 10 minutes to get down all the way. Enter City from East. 60 EXP for successful scaling.
Time to city: 1 hour.

Chosen path:
-Long route: Add 1 hour to get all the way down, enter city from the North-East. Encounter two Blink Dogs, being controlled, who attack the party. Gain 200 EXP for successful defeat of creatures, or survival (without running). No loot
Time to City: 3 hours (from start to end)

While fighting the Blink dogs, it becomes apparent that the Healer has a weakness for animals, and she becomes very visibly shaken about the death of one of the blink dogs, and the near death of her own animal companion. She struggles to keep herself in the fight, even while her party struggles to keep up the fight against the overpowered creatures. When the Rogue of the party, who attacked her earlier on, slits the throat of the first Blink dog, ending it’s life, she almost can’t go on. Then the second blink dog gets injured and she ignores the battle and instead moves to heal the creature. They bandage the blink dog and take it with them, at her command. She heals it as best she can and waits by it’s side. The other members of the party see no harm in it, after the spell that was controlling it vanishes, but they are aware of how badly her compassion may hinder them later. The necromancer of the group, while not as caring of life, herself, seems to have respect for the elven healer for her courage in standing up for her beliefs and protecting this life form, whether or not she would have done the same. The duskblade and the Rogue have taken damage, but the rest of the party seems mostly unfazed.

Once within 15 minutes of the city, the party rests. There is a warforged amongst the group, and thus have to find a way of hiding the hulking mass’s identity; This is no simple feat, and the party must instead split up. Those who are wounded hide with the Warforged, and the rest enter the city to find a wagon with which to transport him/her. Discussion occurs, and it is decided that Anathasius Rex (the warforged) will wait outside the city, as Embla (the healer) waits with the Blink Dog, tending it’s wounds. The necromancer, Nyvia, opts to stay with the healer who she is quickly gaining a kinship with, because her armor would be too outlandish for the city; The moonwalker, Vaeghex, warned her of this. Dominic, the duskblade, stays to also recover a bit from the damage done by the Blink Dogs. Meanwhile, Vaeghex and aclan enter the city to find the wagon.

No loot for the day:
240 EXP for RP and Battle

(campaign day end; Jump to Act 1-3, the City Corbin)



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